BTS’s RM Donates 100 Million Won To Korean Forensic Service To Train Forensic Experts

BTS’s Leader RM (Kim Nam-joon) once again donated a large amount of money 

According to the Korean Forensic Service on September 27th, RM delivered his donation through Lee Ho, a forensic scientist and professor at Jeonbuk National University, whom he met on tvN’s entertainment program “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge”.

RM said, “I heard the process of training a forensic scientist is very difficult”, adding “I understand and agree with the importance of forensic science”.

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Revealing the purpose of his donation, he continued, “I sincerely respect those who are doing the forensic science works with a good sense of duty. I hope this will help the training of forensic scientists and support the development of the forensic society”.

There are currently about 60 forensic scientists in Korea. In particular, the number of doctors applying for training to become forensic scientists every year is known to be about 2-3 people.

RM’s donation will be used for human resources, academic research, and projects to improve the forensic system. The Korean Forensic Service decided to present a plaque of appreciation to RM and grant him an honorary membership of the Korean Forensic Service.

bts rm

Meanwhile, the Korean Forensic Service was established in 1976 and has contributed greatly to the promotion of human rights, social safety, and judicial justice. Members of the Korean Forensic Service include forensic and legal science experts from various state and private institutions.  Since 2010, the forensic recognition system has been operated to foster forensic experts and improve expertise.

RM has always been interested in areas to which the public pays less attention with his good influence and great empathy. Previously, the BTS member also donated 200 million won and 100 million won to the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Overseas Cultural Heritage Foundation, respectively.

Therefore, he has been appointed as a public relations ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense Agency Remains Excavation and Investigation Team.

Source: Insight

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