aespa Giselle delivered another unfortunate news after absence from “Knowing Bros”

After being absent from “Knowing Bros”, Giselle, a member of aespa, is unable to attend another schedule. 

On June 7th, SM Entertainment, the agency of aespa, posted an announcement on their official USA Twitter account.

According to the announcement, aespa Giselle will not be able to attend “The Governors Ball Music Festival 2023” due to health reasons.


In particular, SM wrote, “Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We are sorry to inform aespa’s US fans that Giselle will not be able to join the group for their upcoming Governors Ball performance due to health issues. Once again, we apologize for sharing the unfortunate news and appreciate everyone’s understanding. Thank you.”


On the other hand, aespa is scheduled to perform on the main stage of “The Governors Ball Music Festival 2023” in New York on June 10th.

However, with Giselle’s absence, it is expected that only Karina, Winter, and Ningning will perform on stage for this event.

Recently, Giselle was absent from the recording of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” due to poor health, causing fans’ concerns to grow. Some expressed reactions such as “Health is the most important,” and “It would be nice for her to take a rest during this time.”


Meanwhile, aespa will embark on their first solo concert, “SYNK: HYPER LINE,” marking the beginning of their full-scale tour in the Americas and Europe.

After completing performances in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 24th and at Tokyo Dome on August 5th and 6th, aespa will hold their first solo concert in Los Angeles on August 13th, followed by Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn. In September, they will tour six major cities in South America and Europe, including Mexico City, São Paulo in Brazil, Santiago in Chile, Berlin in Germany, London in the United Kingdom, and Paris in France.

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