“Family” rating dips in 2nd episode, Jang Na Ra – Jang Hyuk collaboration falls below expectation? 

The K-drama “Family”, starring Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk, shows a sign of rating decline with the second episode. 

“Family: The Unbreakable Bond” (hereinafter referred to as “Family”) marks Jang Na Ra’s return to the drama scene following her wedding and a long period of absence. The first two episodes were aired on April 17th and 18th, receiving much anticipation from the audience. “Family” is also Jang Na Ra’s 4th collaboration with Jang Hyuk. Their previous collaborations include “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, “You Are My Destiny” and “Old Farewell,” building high expectations for the pair’s next appearance together. 

The series was off to a good start with 4.9% viewership rating for a series that aired on a pay network. Nonetheless, the rating decreased to 4.1% for the second episode.  


Following the first two episodes, Kang Yoo Ra (Jang Na Ra) and Kwon Do Hoon (Jang Hyuk) emerge as two opposite characters. Whereas Yoo Ra is a sweet and fierce wife who dreams of building a perfect family, Do Hoon is a NIS black agent and veteran sniper in the guise of a family man with a friendly outward appearance.

The drama managed to score a point with the transition from a happy atmosphere filled with laughter to an intense and action-packed saga when Do Hoon takes off his cover and reveals his true identity. However, viewers claimed the plot to be stereotypical, and the promised collaboration between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra could not bring about a desirable result. 


However, what sticks with the audience is Na Ra’s ageless beauty at 42. Without much make-up, the actress confidently shows her bare face on-screen. The effort was to bring realism to Na Ra’s character while showing her dedication to the role by not being afraid to look a bit messy. 

Source: K14

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