Haha and Byul revealed lovely pictorial to celebrate 10th anniversary wedding

Loving married couple Haha and Byul reminded fans of their wedding with a 10-year-anniversary pictorial.

On November 28th, a couple pictorial of Haha and Byul was posted on the official Instagram of the agency QUAN Entertainment.

In the published pictorial, Haha and Byul can be seen dressed up nicely in various different outfits.

haha byul

The photos also show the married couple striking various poses together, such as sitting closely, standing side by side, or lovingly hugging. They also exuded a radiant happiness in a shot where bright smiles blossomed across their face. 

haha byul

In addition to the pictorial, QUAN Entertainment also said, “Haha and Byul held a reminder wedding to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary.”

On the other hand, Haha and Byul got married in 2012 and have two sons and one daughter.

Source: Nate

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