YG Entertainment appointed lawyers from “Kim & Chang” Law Office for the JTBC ‘MIXNINE’ lawsuit

Netizens are strongly criticizing this matter based on YG’s attitude towards the failed debut of the final group in “MIXNINE”.

In June, Happy Entertainment filed a lawsuit against YG Entertainment for a damage of 10 million won. The lawsuit will be held in the afternoon of June 30th at the Seoul Central District Court.

YG Entertainment appointed lawyers from “Kim & Chang” Law Office for the JTBC 'MIXNINE' lawsuit

On this case, YG has appointed three lawyers from “Kim&Chang” law office. It’s interesting that YG hired the nation’s best law firm just to fight for a small amount of money. Happyface, on the other hand, has hired four lawyers from Dongbaek law firm. The lawyers for both agencies will attend the court on August 30th.

Before that, YG previously selected nine trainees who survived JTBC’s show “MIXNINE“, but they were not properly managed for months after the show was over. In the end, the 9 members failed to make their debut as YG promised.

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Since then, Woo Jinyoung‘s management company, Happyface, filed a lawsuit against YG for the damages. “It is symbolic amount of money that we requested in the hope that the Korean pop culture community, which is the origin of the Korean Wave, will develop in a proper manner” said the representative of Happyface.

Despite the fact that we also have the responsibility to fulfill an existing contract, YG still acted unilaterally even when concluding that they failed to make a debut for the 9 final contestants”.

At that time, Yang Hyunsuk delivered his position through a press conference, “Before the official announcement, we’re failed to debut our 9 final contestants. I feel sorry for everyone who’s disappointed with the results, and it’s my big responsibility“.

Source: dispatch

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