[theqoo] K-netizens react to Lee Hyori’s “narcissism” during the peak of her popularity

Lee Hyori confessed that she felt like a queen back in 2003, during her “10 Minutes” era, due to overwhelming popularity. 

On June 10th, a topic titled “During the ‘10 Minutes’ era in 2003,  Lee Hyori was narcissistic due to popularity and thought of herself as a true queen”, was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing huge attention. 

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In particular, the aforementioned article attached screenshots from a 2012 episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp”, which featured Lee Hyori as a guest. 

In this episode, it was stated that when “10 Minutes” flipped Korea upside down, Lee Hyori was just 24 years old.

At the time, the CEO of DSP, which was Lee Hyori’s agency at the time, even called her “Chairman”. Even advertisers and broadcasting executives couldn’t tell her what to do. 

Regarding her popularity at the time, Lee Hyori even said, “Honestly, back then, when I think about my popularity, I thought that if I starred in a drama, it would easily achieve a 50% viewership rating.”

At the same time, the topic stated that not just in the music industry, but in the entertainment industry as a whole, Lee Hyori was such a top star that her acquaintances and seniors didn’t dare to give her advice.

In 2003, Lee Hyori was like a lonely queen that everyone found difficult to approach, it concluded. 

Original post: theqoo

Below are some comments from Korean netizens regarding these claims: 

  • Lee Hyori is a irrefutable all-time legend 
  • I still remember when I was young, everything, from TV, newspapers, radio, magazine, to the Internet, is focused around Lee Hyori
  • Lee Hyori is not narcissistic since she’s just stating facts. She is indeed, a true queen
  • Back then, everything sold under the name of Lee Hyori would sell out immediately 
  • She is an unprecedented superstar 
  • Even now, I still think that there is no celebrity like Lee Hyori
  • Everyone in the comments is agreeing about Lee Hyori’s popularity. A definite proof that she’s a true queen
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