Actor Joo Ji-hoon confessed that he wanted to play Prince Lee Shin in “Princess Hours” again

Actor Joo Ji-hoon drew attention as he said he wanted to play the role of Prince Lee Shin in MBC-TV’s “Princess Hours” again.

On December 5th, Cosmopolitan Korea released a Zoomterview video with Joo Ji-hoon on their official Youtube. On that day, he answered various questions. From guessing new terms to revealing the current status of his pet dog and even giving sincere answers to mischievous questions, like “How does it feel to look handsome?”.

In particular, Joo Ji-hoon picked Prince Lee Shin in “Princess Hours” without any hesitation when asked which role among his filmography he wanted to play again. He explained, “That was when I was the most immature and wasn’t experienced enough. I’ve gotten more mature than I was back then, so I think I should try it again.”

Joo Ji-hoon Princess Hours

“Princess Hours” is Joo Ji-hoon’s debut drama in which he played the lead role for the first time. Appearing on tvN’s “Yoo Quiz On The Block” last month, he recalled the old times, saying, “There were times when I didn’t want to go to the filming site. I just thought about how many curses I would receive until the end of the day.”

“Princess Hours” was produced based on a popular manhwa (Korean comic books). Even before it was aired, the drama had already gained huge attention. At that time, Joo Ji-hoon was a rookie actor with no impressive filmography. That’s why the production was not done smoothly since the casting process.

Joo Ji-hoon Princess Hours

However, it unexpectedly made a big hit. It was reported that a remake of “Princess Hours” is going to be produced. In response, netizens complimented Joo Ji-hoon’s acting at that time and left many comments, saying, “He was awkward and clumsy back then, but that suited the role even more”, “I wish I could see Joo Ji-hoon and Yoon Eun-hye play the main characters again”, “His acting was a little awkward, but that made me feel the unstable appearance of a crown prince couple in their teens”.

Joo Ji-hoon Princess Hours

Meanwhile, Joo Ji-hoon played ranger Kang Hyun-jo in tvN’s drama “Jirisan” (written by Kim Eun-hee, directed by Lee Eung-bok), which ended on December 12th. His upcoming projects, “Gentlemen” and “Silence”, are set to be released next year.


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