“The youngest dad of K-Pop” Minhwan decided to have a vasectomy after his 3rd child was born

“K-pop’s youngest dad” Minhwan recently decided to have the vasectomy done after the birth of his 3rd child. His reason is being praised by the netizens. 

Minhwan and Yulhee is currently K-Pop’s youngest parents. Their marriage was doubted by many because they were still too young, but they are still together after 3 years with the addition of 3 little babies. On the show “My House Husband 2” aired on Nov 13th, the couple went on a picnic together to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary. In this episode, the couple conversed openly with each other about wanting more kids, and Minhwan suddenly confessed that he had had a vasectomy done at the age of 29. Minhwan’s decision was made out of his concern for his wife’s health, for which he is being praised by the netizens.

Yulhee joked with her husband about having more kids, saying, “It’s our 3rd year together and we now have 3 babies. We might have a 4th one in our 4th year, don’t you think? Recently, I’ve read somewhere that a woman can give birth through a C-section 3 times in her life, which means I can still get pregnant once more. Do you remember what I said to you when the twins reached 6 months old? I said I missed when they were still newborns. We are already parents of many kids, one more baby wouldn’t make any difference.”

Minhwan vasectomy
Yulhee talked to her husband about how she wanted another child.

On the other hand, Minhwan has a different idea: “Things will be much more difficult. I’m already happy now. I like kids too and sometimes wonder what if we have more kids. But I think it’s best that we only imagine.” However, Yulhee still continued to convince her husband, saying, “Our troller is a 4-seat one. There’s still one seat left. I’m already prepared mentally and physically.”

The couple’s conversation stopped, but after that, Minhwan personally confided to the audience about his important life decision: “Actually, I have received a vasectomy already. My wife had to have C-section twice giving birth to Jaeyul and the twins. In cases like this, the wife will have to use birth control or undergo some kind of medical procedure. But I know this will affect my wife a lot. Therefore, I decided that it would be better if that person was me.”

Minhwan vasectomy
Not wanting his wife to undergo painful and difficult surgery, Minhwan decided to undergo vasectomy.

Also in a separate interview, Yulhee shared a completely different thought from her husband, “I respect his decision, but I also feel a bit disappointed. I think this decision is a bit hasty because maybe, I don’t know, what if we want to have another baby later on.”

Minhwan’s decision to undergo sterilization received many compliments from netizens. Instead of letting his wife use birth control methods that are harmful to her health, the male idol took the initiative to undergo a vasectomy to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Vasectomy is not something that every husband can do, even being sterilized at the age of 29 is even rarer. Minhwan has accepted the sacrifice and this proves that he is an extremely loving husband.

Minhwan vasectomy
Minhwan vasectomy
However, beyond all, until now, both idols are still living happily together, raising 3 little angels, Jaeyul and 2 twin girls Ayoon – Arin.

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