Yulhee and Choi Min-hwan, a family photo of 5: Idol family’s visual class

Yulhee, a former member of the girl group Laboum, recently uploaded a photo of her family.

Yulhee (Laboum)

On August 15th, female idol Yulhee posted a photo of how she has been with a music note emoji on her Instagram.

In the photo, Yulhee smiles brightly in front of the camera with Choi Minhwan, their son Jaeyul, and twin daughters Arin and Ayul. The family of five makes viewers happy and jealous at the same time just by looking at them.

Yulhee got married to Choi Minhwan of FT Island in 2018 and the two have a son, Jaeyul and twin daughters, Arin and Aryul. Currently, she is interacting with fans through the YouTube channel “Yulhee’s House,” while Choi Minhwan is serving in the military as a full-time reserve soldier.

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