“I thought he was pretending of hiding the deep darkness inside”… Kim Tae-ri revealed how she got close to Ryu Jun-yeol

Actress Kim Tae-ri talked about her fellow actor Ryu Jun-yeol.

On July 19th, Kim Tae-ri conducted an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and told various stories about the new movie “Alienoid”.

The first part of “Alienoid” tells what happens when the door of times opens between the swordsmen who want to get the legendary divine sword in the Goryeo Dynasty and those who chase after alien prisoners trapped in human bodies in 2022. In this movie, Kim Tae-ri played Lee Ahn, a woman who shoots thunder, and reunited with actor Ryu Jun-yeol for the first time in 4 years since their last work “Little Forest”. Earlier, Ryu Jun-yeol also answered an interview and mentioned Kim Tae-ri, saying “This friend worries a lot when she acts. She’s really different from me.”

When asked what worried her the most while filming “Alienoid”, Kim Tae-ri said, “It’s acting. I’ve never experienced the kind of acting in ‘Alienoid’ before”.

Regarding actor Ryu Jun-yeol, the actress said, “He has been like that since we filmed the movie ‘Little Forest’ together. At that time, he was filming three works at the same time but he didn’t seem to feel worried or nervous. I was like ‘How can a human being be like that?’.I thought it was something impossible”, drawing laughter.

Kim Tae-ri smiled and continued, “That’s how I got close to him. I thought he was pretending and hiding something or there would be deep darkness inside him. I tried to dig it out but there were no such things. We became closer during that process. I was very happy during the filming of ‘Alienoid’. Even now, he is currently filming another work but he says ‘I love it’, ‘It’s the best’. Then I answer, ‘Okay~ Work hard~’.”

Source: wikitree

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