Kim Heechul indirectly mentioned his ex-lover Momo (TWICE) on the recent broadcast of “My Little Old Boy”

While having a talk with “My Little Old Boy” cast and guests, Kim Hee-chul indirectly mentioned his ex-girlfriend Momo.

The broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy” aired on January 2nd revealed the members giving suggestions for their program in 2022.

My Little Old Boy

On this day, Kim Joon-ho said, “If you have any suggestions for ‘My Little Old Boy’, speak up. I will tell SBS CEO right away”. Tak Jae-hoon replied, “I will say first. Is there any program in which you might drop out of it when you start dating or get married? There must be someone among us who has been dating.”

My Little Old Boy

After the members started raising topics about dating, Tak Jae-hoon remained silent for a while and said, “I can’t even date anyone because I am afraid of doing so”. Kim Hee-chul replied, “If you get married, you will have to leave ‘Dolsing Fourmen’, right?”.Dolsing Fourmen”, a spin-off of “My Little Old Boy”, is a variety show starring 4 celebrities who had divorced.

My Little Old Boy

Kim Hee-chul continued, “I have something to say. There is ‘Dolsing Fourmen’, why don’t they make ‘Single Fourmen’?”

My Little Old Boy

Then, Kim Jong-kook said, “You didn’t receive any offer? It was originally ‘Single Fourmen’ but eventually turned into ‘Dolsing Fourmen’”. Choi Si-won also agreed, “I got a casting call, too”. 

My Little Old Boy

Kim Hee-chul thought for a while and indirectly mentioned his ex-lover Momo, saying, “Was that when I was not single?”, drawing laughter from the members.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-chul announced his breakup with Momo on July 8th last year, one and a half year after their relationship was revealed. 


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