Lim Ji Yeon’s unexpected relationship with the actress who played her mother in “The Glory”

Netizens found the interesting connection between Son Ji Na and Lim Ji Yeon, who appeared in “The Glory” as mother and daughter.

Released on March 10th, “The Glory” Part 2 became a hot issue with the success of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo)’s revenge. In particular, the intense performances of the villain mothers were also highlighted.

hong young ae

The ending for Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), who bullied Moon Dong Eun, and her mother Hong Young Ae (Son Ji Na), who ignored the weak and sat on the sidelines of Yeon Jin’s wrongdoings in the past, received favorable reviews from viewers.

The drama implies that the disaster began from Hong Young Ae’s twisted motherhood. In fact, some viewers even questioned, “Isn’t she the source of all the evil deeds in this drama?”.

In particular, Hong Young Ae knew all the school violence and misdeeds of Park Yeon Jin, but never discipline her daughter, instead trying to cover up Yeon Jin’s wrongdoings. In Part 2, this character created an unexpected twist by abandoning her daughter without hesitation in the face of danger. This development showed Hong Young Ae’s ruthlessness and thrilled the audience.

lim ji yeon

Recently, Internet users found out that Lim Ji Yeon and Son Ji Na, who presented mother-daughter chemistry in “The Glory”, had previously acted as mother and daughter in Lim Ji Yeon’s debut film “Obsessed”.

In “Obsessed”, Son Ji Na played a shameless mother who abandoned her daughter Jong Ga Heun, who was portrayed by Lim Ji Yeon.

ji na son

Son Ji Na graduated from the Department of German Literature at Ewha Womans University and then completed her master’s degree in Performing Arts at Sunkyunkwan University. After making her debut as a theater actress in 1996, she worked at a theater in Germany.

Son Ji Na later made her face known to the public through the 2002 movie “Affair”. In fact, during her early days, the actress carried out acting activities under the name Yoon Da Kyung.

son ji na

Since then, Son Ji Na has appeared in various dramas, movies, and plays, such as “White Day” “Haunters”, “Hide and Seek”, “The Devil Judge”, “Ghost Doctor”, “In Her Place”, and so on. She won the Popularity Award at the 2005 Seoul Theater Festival and Best Actress in the New Horizons section at the 2014 Abu Dhabi International Film Festival.

Source: Daum

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