“The Good Bad Mother” ending: Ra Mi Ran closed her eyes in son Lee Do Hyun’s arms as their revenge finally succeeded after 35 years

Jin Young Soon, who was battling stomach cancer, died peacefully after witnessing her son’s successful revenge.

The last episode of JTBC’s “The Good Bad Mother”, which aired on June 8th, showed Choi Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) revealing the truth about the death of his father Choi Hae Sik (Cho Jin Woong) then taking revenge on the culprits Oh Tae Soo (Jung Woong In) and Song Woo Byeok (Choi Moo Sung).

the good  bad mother

After getting back his memories, Kang Ho met Oh Tae Soo and asked him to become a witness in the crime of Song Woo Byeok, who killed his father. Oh Tae Soo didn’t believe Kang Ho but he agreed to be a witness because his daughter Oh Ha Young (Hong Bi Ra) was with Kang Ho.

In fact, Kang Ho was planning to take both Song Woo Byeok and Oh Tae Soo to court.

With the help of So (Choi Sun Jin), who used to be Song Woo Byeok’s close secretary, Song Woo Byeok was arrested for attempted murder right on the scene.

Oh Tae Soo tried to put the blame on Song Woo Byeok, saying Song Woo Byeok killed Hwang Soo Hyun (Ki Eun Se) after she gave birth to his child.

Hearing her father’s lie, Oh Tae Soo’s daughter Oh Ha Young confessed that she gave Kang Ho sleeping pills under the order of her father, and also claimed that Hwang Soo Hyun’s child was actually Oh Tae Soo’s son.

Thinking that both Hwang Soo Hyun and the baby had died, Oh Tae Soo tried to get away from the crime by taking issue with his daughter’s mental health.

However, Hwang Soo Hyun actually hid her son on the boat before jumping into the sea alone so the baby is still alive. Knowing it all, Kang Ho insisted that they find out the real culprit by revealing the identity of the father.

Later, Oh Tae Soo and Hwang Soo Hyun’s child appeared in court, and Oh Tae Soo was urgently arrested on charges of murder along with his accomplice Song Woo Byeok.

Witnessing the scene, Jin Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) burst into tears. She stood up and shouted “Hurray!”.

Returning home after solving the injustice she had kept in her heart for 35 years, Jin Young Soon peacefully closed her eyes while listening to the lullaby sung by her son Kang Ho.

Kang Ho shed tears while looking at the portrait of his mother at her funeral. Hearing Jin Young Soon’s ringtone that suddenly rang, Kang Ho then started singing, “I’m happy, very happy”. The villagers sang along and laughed happily together.

In the end, Kang Ho proposed to Lee Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin) and they officially became husband and wife.

the good bad mother

“The Good Bad Mother” is a healing comedy drama about Young Soon, who has no choice but to become a bad mother for her child, and her son Kang Ho, who suddenly returns to be a 7-year-old child after an accident, searching for the happiness they have lost.

Seeing Young Soon peacefully pass away in the final episode, the viewers felt both regretful and happy for her.

Giving warm healing until the final episode (episode 14), “The Good Bad Mother” set the highest rating record for JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday dramas. The drama achieved a successful ending by recording a nationwide rating of 12.0% and 13.5% in the Seoul area, according to Nielsen Korea.

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