Netizens have mixed reactions to the name of “Fantasy Boys” debut group

The final debut members of the boy group survival program “Fantasy Boys” have been confirmed.

In the final episode of MBC’s “Fantasy Boys“, which was broadcast live on June 8th, 12 trainees were called to join the debut group.

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The final winner was Yu Junwon. He topped the list with 206,124.1 points, beating out prominent candidates.

Yu Junwon said with tears, “I’m grateful to be able to debut with such a high ranking on the difficult path of debuting while preparing for the dream of becoming an idol. I’m grateful to my parents for believing in me until now. The ‘Black Perfume’ team, who trusted and followed the leader who was lacking until the final stage, also did a great job.

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Second place was Kim Gyurae. He expressed his feelings while sobbing, “Fantasy Maker (fandom name), thank you so much for believing in and voting for me, who was lacking and didn’t know anything.

Hong Seongmin (No.3), Oh Hyeontae (No.4), Lee Hanbin (No.5), Ling Qi (No.6), Kang Minseo (No.7), Hikari (No.8), K-Soul (No.9), Kim Wooseok (No.10), Hikaru (No.11) and Kaedan (No.12) also joined the final debut group.

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In this way, a 12-member global boy group consisting of 7 Koreans, 2 Japanese, 2 Chinese and 1 American was completed. Among them, the oldest is 22 years old (K-Soul) and the youngest is 14 years old (Kaedan).

On this day’s broadcast, the name of the group was also revealed. It is “FANTASY BOYS”.

fantasy boy

Regarding this, viewers expressed regret, “FANTASY BOYS?“, “It feels a little rough“… On the other hand, there were some positive responses such as “It’s better than ZEROBASEONE (debut group of Mnet’s survival program ‘Boys Planet’)” and “It’s surprisingly easy to say.”

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