Taeyeon attracts attention with her stunning ending fairy on the stage of Weekend!

Having been absent from the music scene for 4 years, Taeyeon (SNSD) once again proved her visual level when doing “ending fairy” in this comeback with “Weekend”.

On July 8, Taeyeon performed Weekend for the first time on the stage of M!Countdown.  This is her first appearance after 4 years of absence from music shows since Fine 2017.

With the slogan “just chill,” Taeyeon appears to represent a generation of adults who have to rush through the workday, only looking forward to the weekend to rest and relax. When faced with constant work and exhaustion, everyone must take the same mindset as the “kid leader”: “I want to leave everything so that when the weekend arrives, I can do whatever I want.”

Despite turning 32, SNSD’s main vocalist once again proved her attractiveness level after a long hiatus. Taeyeon looks pretty lovely and charming in a youthful, energetic attire with “rainbow eye” makeup. Fans must have had a lot of sleepless nights due of her pure and strong voice in the song that “heal your soul.”

And, of course, despite having been away from the music business for four years, the SNSD member wowed fans with the dream-like ” ending fairy.” Her stage presence and performance skills have advanced to a level that is tough to compare after over 15 years on the stage. Taeyeon swiftly rose to the top of Naver TV’s trending list as a result of the satisfying ending. 

MV Weekend is officially released on July 6.  The song quickly captivated the fans’ hearts with the retro Disco Pop genre on the catchy electronic music background and the extremely “chill” melody.  Undeniably, Weekend is one of the indispensable songs in the playlist for this summer.

Source: k14

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