Kim Dami was once misunderstood as a man because of her broad shoulders after working out 

Here’s a funny behind-the-scenes story of Kim Dami in “The Witch Part 1”. 

To serve her role in the 2015 action film “The Witch Part 1. The Subversion”, Kim Dami exercised hard to bulk up. Her shoulders became so wide that she was even mistaken as a man.  


In Kim Dami’s shower scene, which appeared in the middle of the movie, her shoulders appeared especially wide, making her fellow co-stars and some viewers surprised and say that they look like a man’s shoulders. Kim Dami revealed she worked out so hard for the movie that she unintentionally broadened her shoulders. 


Choi Woo Sik, who also starred in the movie, shared his friends’ reactions to this scene. He said when this scene came up, his friends thought it was him, instead of Kim Dami. 

choi woo sik

Choi Woo Sik was embarrassed by the question. Although he also exercised for the movie, his chest muscles grew larger instead of his shoulders. He added that it was a shame his character had no body exposure in the movie. 

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