Kang Tae-oh “I experienced unrequited love and was turned down… Woo Young-woo confused me”

Kang Tae-oh confessed that he had experience being in a one-sided relationship.

The magazine Elle Korea uploaded a video regarding actor Kang Tae-oh through their official YouTube channel on Sep 1st.

In the video, Kang Tae-oh talked about how to overcome a breakup, “When I listen to a song, I get sadder and no matter what I do, I don’t feel healed. However, I think this pain is a big growing pain. I just endure the pain and spend each day. I forget that pain at some point.”

He encouraged, “It’s a very extreme way and that time will pass someday as to what it’s like to live a busy life. Please cheer up a little bit more.”

kang tae oh

When asked about how to end a relationship naturally, Kang Tae-oh answered, “It may seem natural from the point of view of the person who refuses, but I don’t think the other person can naturally grow apart. You’ll feel it somehow.”

He also advised, “As a person who experienced unrequited love and was turned down, it’s better to draw a line honestly. Otherwise, it’ll continue to be false hope, and I don’t think it’s consideration. Don’t talk too harshly.”

In addition, Kang Tae-oh confessed, “I don’t like people who are friendly to everyone.” The production team pointed out, “Lee Joon-ho (in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘) confused everyone.” Kang Tae-oh made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “It’s not right. Lawyer Woo Young-woo confused me. I thought we were dating, but she said no and I was so disappointed…”

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