BTS and HYBE Sign Second Contract, Ensuring Full Group Activities Beyond 2025

BTS has signed a second contract with HYBE (formerly Big Hit)

On September 20th, HYBE stated, “We have completed the board resolution for the re-signing of the exclusive contract for 7 members of BTS, our artists under Big Hit Music.”

BTS debuted in June 2013 and previously renewed their contract with the company in October 2018, even before completing the initial 7-year exclusive contract.


With all BTS members now entering into their second contract, it has been guaranteed that they stay together as a group beyond 2025, even after all members have completed their military service.

Currently, BTS Jin and J-Hope are fulfilling their military duties, while the rest are engaged in solo activities. Suga is scheduled to enlist as a social service worker on September 22nd.

HYBE said, “With the renewal of the contract, we hope to support BTS in their full group activities as they aim for 2025. HYBE and Big Hit Music will provide all possible support to further enhance BTS’s status.”

Source: insight

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