A trainee from MBC’s new survival show becomes famous for her Jennie-like visual

The girls who participate in “Hesitation Before Going To School” have impressed netizens even before the official broadcast.

A trainee from MBC's new survival show becomes famous for her Jennielike visual

From the 14th to the 17th of September, the prequel season “Hesitation Before Going To School” of MBC‘s girl group survival show “My Teenage Girl” released self-introduction videos for each grade. There are 83 contestants in total, including 18 girls in the 1st grade, 23 girls in the 2nd grade, 20 girls in the 3rd grade, and 22 girls in the 4th grade. This show is receiving much attention from netizens on various SNS sites and online communities.

First of all, third-year Choi Yoon Jung is gaining popularity after the video of her lip-syncing to the song “Take Your Man” on Tiktok was spread widely. Netizens praised Choi Yoon Jung for her outstanding visual that resembles BLACKPINK Jennie‘s and her unique charisma.

In addition, fourth-grade Kim Yoo Yeon also caught the eyes of many people. Her name has spread rapidly on various online communities long with nicknames like “Ehwa University Goddess” and “Next Generation’s Ending Fairy”. Kim Yoo Yeon, a student of Ewha Womans University, has become popular for her intellectual charm hidden behind her innocent appearance as she once solved real scientific questions of the 2019 CSAT Exam in a self-introduction video.

Moreover, from September 14, various content, such as self-introduction videos, concept teaser videos, and Tiktok trendy videos, etc., have been released sequentially and gained thousands of comments from Korean and foreign fans, proving the viewers and fans’ explosive interest in the program.

Meanwhile, “My Teenage Girl” ‘s prequel season “Hesitation Before Going To School” is being aired every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM on Naver NOW.

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