11 Korean actresses named in Forbes Korea’s Top 40 most powerful celebrities of 2022 

Here are 11 actresses who made it into the list of Power Celebrity 40 as revealed by Forbes Korea. 

Forbes Korea recently announced the ranking of Top 40 most powerful celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry in 2022. The results are determined through data such as media coverage, social networks, broadcast indexes and celebrity income. Let’s take a look at the 11 actresses who entered the Top 40 and see if your favorite actress made it!

11. Kim Hye Soo – No. 38/40

The “sexy queen” of the Korean screen, Kim Hye Soo, is the last actress included in the Top 40. This is also Kim Hye Soo’s 4th year entering this ranking. In 2022, Kim Hye Soo made a successful comeback in the legal drama Juvenile Justice as she transformed into a tough, decisive, and uncompromising judge. Kim Hye Soo’s brilliant performance also helped her score a nomination for Best Actress at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards 2022.


10. Park Shin Hye – No. 33/40

Like Kim Hye Soo, this is also the 4th year that Park Shin Hye is named in Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity 40. Last year, she ranked at 40th place and climbed up 7 places this year.

Park Shin-hye

Park Shin Hye is taking some time off acting to prepare to become a first-time mother. She announced her marriage to her longtime boyfriend, actor Choi Tae Joon and pregnancy by the end of last year and officially tied the knot earlier this year. Park Shin Hye’s wedding is one of the most talked-about events in Korea’s entertainment industry in the first half of 2022. 

9. Son Ye Jin – No. 30/40

Another actress who got married in 2022 beside Park Shin Hye that entered the Top 40 is the “bride of the century” Son Ye Jin. 2022 is the 4th year in a row the nation’s first love is recognized as one of the most powerful Korean celebrities.

Son Ye-jin

2022 has been a monumental year for Son Ye Jin. In addition to having a successful small screen comeback in Thirty Nine, she also made headlines and stirred up social media with her dreamlike wedding to Hyun Bin on March 31. 

8. Song Hye Kyo – No. 29/40

No. 29 in Forbes Korea’s Power Celebrity Top 40 is Song Hye Kyo, whose latest drama Now We Are Breaking Up failed to leave a lasting impression. However, Song Hye Kyo’s impact in other fields such as fashion, modeling, commercials, and endorsements is still solid. 

song hye kyo

7. Han So Hee – No. 28/40

One of the new generation’s most popular actresses is undoubtedly Han So Hee, so it comes as no surprise that she appears in the Top 40. After landing her first back-to-back drama lead roles in Nevertheless and My Name last year, Han So Hee’s popularity has reached a new level. Her performance in My Name brought Han So Hee a nomination for Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards. She was also selected to be a global brand ambassador for Balenciaga.  

Han So Hee

6. Jeon Mi Do – No. 27/40

This is the first time in her career that “Hospital Playlist” star Jeon Mi Do make it into the ranking of Forbes Korea’s most powerful celebrities. He even outranked her “Thirty Nine” co-star Son Ye Jin. With a mesmerizing beauty that easily draws empathy from the audience and great acting talent, this is certainly not going to be the last time Jeon Mi Do appears on this list. 

Jeon Mi-do

5. Kim So Yeon – No 23/40

Last year, Kim So Yeon ranked 24th, and this year, the owner of the Grand Prize – Daesang at the SBS Drama Awards 2021 has moved up one rank and ranked at 23rd.

Kim So Yeon

The success of the role of Cheon Seo Jin in The Penthouse: War In Life has helped Kim So Yeon becomes more famous. After the success of this blockbuster, the public is also waiting to see what Kim So Yeon will bring to the audience in the upcoming works.

4. Suzy – No 22/40

Also up a step compared to last year like Kim So Yeon, but Suzy left more impressive in the public as this is the 7th time she has been named in the Top 40 by Forbes Korea. In the previous times, Suzy twice entered the Top 10 at 3rd place in 2014 and 6th in 2017.


For the rest of 2022, this beauty born in 1994 will reappear on the big screen with the movie Wonderland by the famous and talented director Kim Tae Yong. If this drama succeeds, next time, Suzy’s ranking will increase significantly.

3. Lee Ji Ah – No 19/40

Currently, the public is very curious to see if Lee Ji Ah will return to the film industry with a TV series or a movie project. Soon, she will appear in TVING’s short film project It’s Alright, starring some other actors from The Penthouse: War In Life.

Lee Ji-ah

2. IU – No 11/40

10 is the number of times that IU, the star of Hotel De Luna has been honored in the Top 40 Forbes Korea. She is the actress who has been ranked in the Top 40 Forbes Korea the most times.


IU is still doing very well in the Korean entertainment industry, so it certainly won’t be the last time she appears on this list. The movie IU participated in, titled Broker, was nominated for an award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

1. Youn Yuh Jung – No 8/40

The most powerful Korean actress in 2022 is Youn Yuh Jung at 8th out of 40. Youn Yuh Jung is a legendary name in the Korean film industry even before she won the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” in 2021.

This year, she also caught the attention of the public thanks to her performance in Apple TV+’s Pachinko. Many experts and audiences are predicting that Youn Yuh Jung will most likely make a splash at the upcoming Emmy Awards. Let’s wait and see if those predictions come true.

Whether you like or dislike anyone on this list, I think everyone has to admit that they are all the most prominent and popular names in Korea in recent times. Youn Yuh Jung once again affirmed her position as becoming the only actress in this year’s Top 10. Once again, congratulations to the 11 actresses of the Korean film industry who were honored to be in the Top 40 Forbes Korea in 2022.

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