Soyou talks about when she was misunderstood for taking chest surgery by her friends because of her unusual chest size 

Sistar’s Soyou frankly mentioned the misunderstanding surrounding her during her teenage days because of her sudden growth.

On April 28th, a video of Soyou looking through her profile on Namuwiki was uploaded on her personal Youtube channel “SOYOUGI”.


Before her debut, Soyou was known for her glamorous look with a baby face due to an audition video taken when she was wearing a school uniform. 

Regarding what Namuwiki wrote about her, Soyou said, “I didn’t hit puberty until the first year of high school. But in my second year, that’s when puberty really hit and I grew a lot, physically”. 


Soyou drew laughter as she emphasized her sudden growth by using hang gestures and unusual expressions. 

Because of her sudden growth, her friends misunderstood her a lot. Soyou recalled the past and said, “All my friends asked me if I secretly had chest surgery”. She then laughed and said, “I told them that I never did it”. 


Recalling her teenage years when she experienced such a “stormy” growth, Soyou said, “All the relatives on my mother’s side of the family are glamorous. But my development was slow until my first year of high school, and I even thought, ‘What’s wrong with me?’”.


In the video, Soyou also brought up the story behind her duet song “Some” with singer Junggigo, which made a hit as soon as it was released in 2014.

Soyou expressed her honest thoughts, saying, “I never expected ‘Some’ to blow up. I personally liked the song but didn’t think many people would like it. I thought it was going to be a failure”.


Meanwhile, Soyou released her new mini-album “Day&Night” on April 27th. The album’s tuitle tracks are “Some 2” and “Business”. Singer Jung Yong-hwa and rapper Be’O featured in the two songs, respectively, to show the strange tension of love in the mood of day and night.

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