Brave Girls Yoo-jung: “There are so many skinny girl groups, we are even called Piggy Girls in the past”

Brave Girls’ Yoo-jung revealed the difficulties of girl groups who always have to go on diet plans.

Brave Girls’ Yoo-jung expressed her feelings at the production presentation for KBS 2TV’s new entertainment show “Want to get rid of it” (literal translation) held online at 2 p.m. on April 29th. “Want to get rid of it” is a healthy body-building project with Kim Shin-young, the representative of the entertainment industry, and female celebrities who are tired of dieting.

Brave Girls Yoojung

At the event, Yoo-jung said, “It’s easy to lose weight, but I think it’s hard to maintain it. I had a rubber-like body. When I gained weight, I took photos and left a lot of data. I was stressed out by myself and lost confidence even when I was on stage. I has decided to take this opportunity to maintain a healthy diet,” she shared.

Yoo-jung confessed that there are relatively many comparisons between them and other skinny girl groups. Yoo-jung said, “The older members asked why I am here, but if you look at other idol girl groups, they are too skinny. There are so many slim and thin friends that we get compared to them when we stand next to each other. They even called us Piggy Girls a long time ago.”

Brave Girls Yoojung

“All of our members are tall and thick. We worked out to build our bodies. We look lean and built when you just look at us, but we look so tall when we’re with other girl groups. I used to hate this kind of body. After turning 30, I became obsessed with a healthy diet,” she added.

Regarding Yoo-jung, Kim Shin-young said, “I was worried that she would try to hide something or keep doing pretty things because she’s an idol, but that’s not the case at all. We rather hide something to protect it,” she praised. Yoo also mentioned the reaction of Brave Girls members. She said, “The members don’t seem to think much. They just said ‘good luck’,” she said, drawing laughter.


Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s “Want to get rid of it” will premiere at 10:35 p.m. on Saturday, April 30.

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