Kang Nam to JYP Japanese Girlgroup NiziU “If You Make Mistakes, Just Say You Are Foreigners”

Kang Nam invited NiziU to his house for Chuseok.

On Kang Nam’s YouTube channel ‘Kangnami’, a video was posted on October 2nd with NiziU as guests.

In the released video, Kang Nam invited girl group NiziU to his home for Chuseok. NiziU is a JYP girl group composed of all Japanese, and members Mako, Riku, and Ayaka came to the show as their first Korean activity.

gangnam niju

While eating, Kang Nam and NiziU had a conversation. Kang Nam asked, “Do you have any worries about Korean variety shows?” and NiziU confessed, “We can speak it right away if we speak in Japanese, but we’re not used to Korean yet, so we’re worried if we can speak it well in the future.”

In response, Kang Nam said, “You already have a really strong weapon. It’s not fun to answer a question well. You just have to make everything wrong and have fun. And you have to talk first. Don’t look around and do whatever you want. If you make a mistake and say something wrong, just say ‘I am from abroad,’ passing on a good tip.

gangnam niju

NiziU shared about the show with Kang Nam, “It was so much fun. We can talk and listen to many things while making food, and it makes us think we can work hard on our activities in Korea in the future.”

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