7 celebrity lookalikes of “The Glory” actors that surprise drama fans

Recently, netizens on online communities and SNS sites revealed shock upon realizing that they mistook “The Glory” cast for other actors due to appearance similarities.

1. Kim Jung Young (as Park Sang Im) – Kim Yeo Jin

In “The Glory” Part 2, Kim Jung Young played the role of Park Sang Im, Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun)’s mother. However, many people mistook her for actress Kim Yeo Jin, to the point that netizens had to clarify such information by posting articles titled “Facts about Joo Yeo Jeong’s mother that you might not know”, on online communities. In fact, “The Glory” actually appears as a related search term when searching for Kim Yeo Jin on portal sites due to this mistake, and the fact that both actresses are the same age, as they were born in 1972, drew even more attention.

Kim Yeo-jin

Kim Yeo Jin, who made her debut in the 1998 movie “Girls’ Night Out”, has been active by starring in various dramas such as “Vincenzo,” “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung”, “Extracurricular”, “Itaewon Class”, and “Worlds Within”.

2. Yeom Hye Ran (as Kang Hyun Nam) – Jung Yi Rang

Yeom Hye Ran, who appeared in “The Glory” as one of Moon Dong Eun’s revenge assistants, and comedian-actress Jung Yi Rang are already famous in the entertainment industry as lookalikes. The two look so much alike that they even appeared in the same movie as mother and daughter although their age gap is only 4 years.


Jung Yi Rang recently mentioned Yeom Hye Ran on a variety show and explained how they ended up appearing in the movie together. She confessed, “When I first met Yeom Hye Ran, I got goosebumps by how much we look alike. Director-actor Kim Yoon Seok of ‘Another Child’ said he really wanted me to appear in the movie. At first, I was really amazed by the casting offer, but it turned out that Yeom Hye Ran sunbaenim had already been cast for the role of the mother so they needed someone who looked like her to play the daughter.”

Jung Yi Rang made her debut as a comedian in the 17th recruitment of MBC in 2008 and is currently a representative female comedian of MBC. She has appeared in various programs, such as “Gag Ya” and “Laugh and Laugh”. She joined the crew of tvN’s “SNL Korea” in 2012, and has been showcasing her unique sense of humor.

3. Jung Sung Il (as Ha Do Yeong) – Yoo Jae Suk

Actor Jung Sung Il, who played the role of Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon)’s husband Ha Do Young, is well-known for his appearance resemblance to “National MC” Yoo Jae Suk, especially when Yoo Jae Suk takes off his glasses.

Jung Sung-il YooJae Suk thumbnail

Thanks to the popularity of “The Glory”, Jung Sung Il was invited to tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block as a guest and had the chance to meet his lookalike Yoo Jae Suk. During the broadcast, Yoo Jae Suk said, “I didn’t even appear in ‘The Glory’, but people kept sending me photos. I kept receiving such pictures. They all said I look so much like Jung Sung Il”. Jung Sung Il expressed his gratitude for the attention he got as Yoo Jae Suk’s lookalike, saying “Some people drew Yoo Jae Suk’s glasses on my face. I think I was able to be here thanks to those people, and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

4. Kim Gun Woo (as Son Myeong Oh) – Kim Woo Bin

There is also an actor who looks like Kim Gun Woo, who portrayed the bully Son Myung Oh. That’s Kim Woo Bin. When Kim Gun Woo appeared on a radio show in 2020 and heard people say he resembles Kim Woo Bin, he reacted, “I feel so sorry for Kim Woo Bin sunbaenim. Every time people say I look like him, I feel very embarrassed. I think we only look a little similar when passing by for a few seconds.”


In “The Glory”, Kim Gun Woo left a chilling impression on viewers with his performance as a villain, but in reality, he is known as a gentle and playful person who is often teased by fellow actors. Some viewers who saw him for the first time on “The Glory” then visited his SNS account could not recognize him due to the gap between his image in the drama and his real-life appearance. 

In that regard, Kim Woo Bin is similar. He played a rebellious character in dramas such as “The Heirs” and “School 2013”, but he is actually a warm person who quietly does regular donations and practices good deeds in real life.

5. Park Sung Hoon (Jeon Jae Joon) – Lee Kwang Soo

Actor Park Sung Hoon, who played school violence perpetrator Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory”, and actor Lee Kwang Soo, who is known for both acting and variety skills also bear unexpected resemblances. The two met on SBS’s “Running Man” last year and gained the nickname “Doppelgangers”. At the time, “Running Man” members were amazed by how much Park Sung Hoon looked like Lee Kwang Soo, citing their heights and hairstyles as the similarities. Park Sung Hoon also admitted that his nephew even asked, “Aren’t you Lee Kwang-soo?”, when he was growing long hair.


A netizen once commented, “After reading a post about how the similarities between Jeon Jae Joon-Lee Kwang Soo and Ha Do Young-Yoo Jae Suk, I keep thinking about it and it’s driving me crazy. It’s even more frustrating that they actually resemble each other only a little bit”, and went viral on online communities.

6. Cha Joo Young (as Choi Hye Jung) – Han Go Eun

Many viewers say that Cha Joo Young, who boasts her outstanding body figure and acting skills as one of the bullies in “The Glory”, reminds them of Han Go Eun. The two not only resemble each other in appearance but also have similar voices and elegant ways of speaking. If you search “Cha Joo Young Han Go Eun” on portal sites, you can find comments such as “Cha Joo Young’s voice is somewhat similar to Han Go Eun’s”, “I envy the voices of Cha Joo Young and Han Go Eun”, “When I hear Cha Joo Young speak, I think of Han Go Eun”, “Doesn’t Cha Joo Young have a little bit of a Han Go Eun vibe?”, “Cha Joo Young looks like Han Go Eun”, etc.


Born in 1975, Han Go Eun is currently focused more on broadcasting activities, such as being an MC for the 8th season of Donga TV’s program “Beauty and Booty” and appearing on variety shows. In 2015, she married an office worker who is four years younger than her. The actress once drew attention when she revealed that she got married after thinking, “I can live with this person”, after their first meeting.

7. Lee Moo Saeng (Kang Yeong Cheon)

This actor actually doesn’t have a lookalike but he is added to this list because viewers were so surprised by his 180-degree image transformation. 


Lee Moo Saeng, who has been so well-known for his gentle, caring and affectionate image in previous works such as “Thirty-Nine”, “The World of the Married”, etc., successfully transformed himself with a creepy performance as the psychopath killer Kang Yeon Cheon, who murdered Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun)’s father and made Joo Yeo Jeong live in hell with his letters, in Netflix series “The Glory”. Despite his relatively small role, Lee Moo Saeng’s portrayal of Kang Yeon Cheon has left a strong impression on viewers.

Source: Wikitree

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