A past CF video of Lee Do Hyun was mistaken as intimate video with his ex-girlfriend 

Recently, a video titled “Lee Do Hyun kissing his girlfriend” was rapidly spread online. Despite the title, the featured video was actually a lipstick commercial from before Lee Do Hyun was an actor. In the video, Lee Do Hyun appears with a young face.

The script goes on under the plot of “A man and a woman who have been dating for two weeks began kissing.” The man recites lines such as “I’ll kiss you all day long” and “You made me like this.” He then receives kisses from his girlfriend, who is wearing the advertised lipstick, several times in the play. 

Through the acting without necessary context, viewers were mistaken, saying, “I thought you were real lovers,” “Lee Do Hyun’s face was the same back then,” “You lived hard,” “All I can say is that it hurts my heart.”

lee do hyun

Most recently, Lee Do Hyun captivated not only domestic but also international attention as the plastic surgeon Joo Yeo Jeong in the revenge K-drama “The Glory”, which stars Song Hye Kyo. Yeo Jeong is a man battered by guilt and mental torture due to receiving letters from a psychopath that killed his father. Nonetheless, he harbors a strong love for Moon Dong Eun, the protagonist of the drama and vows to be her “executioner”.

On the other hand, Lee Do Hyun is set to star in another drama series called “Bad Mom.” 

Source: Insight 

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