Famous Idol-turned Actress Who Made a Major US Airline Apologize

Lee Hyeri received an apology from a major US airline after sharing a post about her unpleasant flight experience on social media.

Lee Hyeri drew public attention on August 31 when she accused Delta Airlines of arbitrarily downgrading her first-class ticket to economy without notifying her. She stated that she did not receive a refund and found the experience terrible. Her post led to criticism of the airline, with many even accusing them of racial discrimination. On September 1st, the airline issued a public apology to Hyeri and is handling the refund issue.


Hyeri is well-known as an actress and a member of Girl’s Day

During her time in Girl’s Day, she became a sought-after CF star thanks to her viral ‘aegyo’ on the program ‘Real Men’ in 2014.

Hyeri rose to fame as an actress when she portrayed Sung Duk Sun in the 2015 hit drama ‘Reply 1988′. Thanks to this role, she received numerous commercial deals and was even dubbed the “CF queen.” In 2016, Hyeri ranked third in Forbes’ list of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea.

Entertainment industry insiders revealed that Hyeri received 28 advertising contracts after ‘Reply 1988,’ which was considered a record, as Girl’s Day had 17 advertising contracts, with 11 of them belonged to Hyeri.

Hyeri has a sexy physique and left an impression with her iconic short hair and captivating style when performing on stage.

In 2019, Girl’s Day disbanded, and all members pursued solo careers. Hyeri has been the most successful. She appeared in several dramas after the success of ‘Reply 1988,’ but they were not well-received. The impact Duk Sun remained too big for her to overcome.


In 2021, Hyeri took on the leading role in ‘My Roommate is a Gumiho,’ alongside Jang Ki Yong. Her acting sparked controversy. Many viewers believed that Lee couldn’t escape Duk Sun and criticized her acting as awkward.

Criticism of her acting skills led Hyeri to post on her Instagram: “Because you always support me, I feel even more responsible. I will self-reflect and work harder in the future.”


With over 10 years in the industry, Hyeri aims to be a versatile artist. Her sense of humor is one of her biggest charms. She shines in variety shows.

She is dating Ryu Jun Yeol. They publicly acknowledged their relationship in March 2016 and received much support from the public. Eight years into their relationship, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri maintain a strong bond and rarely share photos of their time together. There were rumors of their breakup, but their secret dating photos dispelled those rumors.


When asked about the status of their relationship, they responded: “We are still happy.” In an interview, Hyeri mentioned her boyfriend: “He’s always by my side, supporting me, so I’m incredibly grateful. He praised the work I starred in, and this is the most interesting script he’s seen among all the works I’ve done. Thanks to him, I’m always passionate during filming.”

Source: K14.

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