TXT has just withdrawn from SBS program, fans are afraid that there’s a ‘cold war’ between Big Hit and SBS

Starting from an unclear event between BTS and SBS Inkigayo, Is the conflict quietly happening?

Not long ago, TXT fans were thrilled when they heard that the rookie boygroup was invited to “School Attack”, a reality TV program of SBS.

“School Attack” is a program which poses challenges for idols, takes them to different schools to hold special mini concerts as well as doing specific missions. Before them, BTS – their senior boygroup had also appeared on the show and had a memorable episode with the students of Samjeong High School.

Everybody thought it would be a memorable time, where the audiences can understand more about the five TXT boys, but no…

Recently, TXT is no longer a part of the upcoming line-up. They have been announced to be replaced with another artist.

The reason why they were removed from the line-up has not been confirmed. It maybe due to schedule conflicts, but fans suspect that this is related to the current “underground” conflit between SBS and Big Hit Entertainment. Specifically, BTS’s “Boy With Luv” was not nominated on SBS Inkigayo last weekend despite having many outstanding achievements (in both digital music, YouTube views and sales).

Although Inkigayo’s representative had explained the situation but their unclear answers failed to satisfy the netizens, making them even more discontented: “Last week’s rankings came out the way they did because there was a difference between the data-gathering period and the period of BTS’s promotions. I believe the rankings came out as they did because there are many different criteria for the rankings”. On calculating the rankings, the source added, “Other places also do not reveal their detailed criteria for calculating, not only ‘Inkigayo.’”

TXT’s fans in particular and Big Hit stans in general are still hoping that the ‘cold war’ is just a wrong hypothesis, because no one wants their favourite company or the central television station turns their back on each other, making influences on the development of both sides.

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