The king of refreshing concept is back, NCT DREAM’s “Beatbox” music video reached 1 million views in an hour

Idol group NCT DREAM has returned with a refreshing new song in this hot summer.

At 6 p.m. on May 30th, the music video of NCT Dream’s new song “Beatbox” is released on the official YouTube channel “SMTown”.

The title song of NCT Dream’s second full-length repackage album, “Beatbox,” is an old school hip-hop dance track using beatbox sources.

nct dream

This is a song with a bright, cheerful atmosphere and a free vibe, in which the unique overflowing energy and refreshing charm of NCT Dream are well melted.

The music video for “Beatbox” receives explosive attention from fans immediately after its release, and exceeded 1 million views in about an hour.

nct dream

In particular, fans’ expectations for this album were high as NCT Dream members all agreed on how they liked the song right from the moment they first heard it.

nct dream

Perfectly meeting the high expectations, NCT Dream captured the hearts of their fans by showing off their perfect dance and vocal skills.

nct dream

Fans who have watched the music video expressed their thoughts, saying, “’Beatbox’ is a bright and addictive track, which is perfect for summer,” “I can’t wait to see the stage live.”

Meanwhile, four new songs, including the title song “Beatbox,” were added to the repackaged album, making it a total of 15 tracks.

nct dream

Prior to the comeback, NCT Dream is predicted to become a “triple million seller” as they surpassed 1.4 million pre-order copies.

Source: insight

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