IU’s reaction to BTS at GDA 2022: V’s remark made IU laugh, Jungkook was mentioned?

The video showing IU in the backstage of GDA 2022 is attracting keen attention from BTS fans.

The 2022 Golden Disc Awards was recently held in January. This is one of the biggest music awards ceremonies and is often attended by the top KPOP artists. However, this year’s lineup was quite disappointing. BTS is one of the most anticipated artists, but since the group is enjoying their long-term vacation, they couldn’t attend the event this year. However, another top KPOP star appeared to save the lineup, and that was IU.

Recently, a video recorded behind-the-scenes moments of IU at GDA was uploaded, drawing huge attention from fans. Especially, many people were interested in the scene when IU was standing backstage watching BTS delivering their award acceptance speech through a video.

IU reacted to BTS’s Daesang acceptance speech

This is the video of BTS receiving the Daesang Album Award, pre-recorded and played on the big screen at GDA. IU was paying close attention to BTS’s winning speech. After the members shared their thoughts and thanked fans, Jimin asked V to make an acrostic poem to celebrate their GDA’s Daesang. V then came up with a random poem using 2 words Dae ang Sang, “Daesang is/The feeling is very good”. V’s cute poem made IU burst into laughter.

IU’s reaction to BTS at GDA 2022
BTS didn’t attend GDA 2022 in person, so they pre-recorded their winning speech

IU’s reaction to BTS draws keen attention, because this is something fans can only see once in a while. Many fans joke that in BTS, only V could make IU smile like that. Seeing this reaction, Jungkook – IU’s passionate fanboy – might get jealous!

IU’s reaction to BTS at GDA 2022
V’s impromptu poem
IU’s reaction to BTS at GDA 2022
Made IU unable to hold her laughter

Some comments:

  • Everyone falls for V’s cuteness.
  • Looks like IU was unable to hold back her laughter 
  • It’s been a while since we could see IU’s reaction to BTS. Cute!
  • Jungkook has left the chat
  • I like both IU and V. My two biases.
  • No one can resist V’s charm, even IU burst out laughing.

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