Urologist comments on suspicion of Kim Jong Kook using drug on his muscular body, “Male hormones and vitality are unrelated”

Kim Jong Kook complained about the prejudice he faced due to his physical characteristics.

In KBS2’s entertainment show “Problem Child in House,” which aired on February 1st, Hong Sung Woo, a specialist in urology, appeared as a guest. Hong Sung Woo drew attention by revealing the reversal of prejudice that men with good bodies get.

kim jong kook

Kim Jong Kook showed the most interest in this topic and complained about the prejudice he usually gets from his muscular body.

Kim Jong Kook got upset and said, “I hear a lot of people saying ‘people with muscles are weak’. Every time (people around me) say that, I tell them, ‘It’s different if you exercise’.”

kim jong kook

In response, Hong Sung Woo advised, “Doesn’t exercise increase the secretion of male hormones?” and advised, “However, you shouldn’t exercise too much.”

He then mentioned Kim Jong Kook’s male hormone level. Earlier, Kim Jong Kuk was embroiled in absurd suspicion of using drug as a result of his last year’s test showing a figure of 9.24.

Hong Sung Woo summarized, “Most people think that a male hormone level of 9 would be very good for men’s vitality. However, high levels of male hormones and vitality are unrelated.”

Source: Wikitree

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