TWICE Jihyo said performing “TT”, “Cheer Up”, and “What Is Love” is embarrassing at her age

On March 17th, a video titled “Friends sincere 14 years old: BamBam X Jihyo, Our Friendship Forever”, was published on GOT7 BamBam’s YouTube channel “BamBam Home”. 

In the video, TWICE Jihyo appeared as a guest and showed off their friendship, saying, “We’ve been friends for 13 years since when we met, we were 14 years old.” 

In addition, Jihyo said, “When I was a trainee, I can’t remember what we talked about”, to which BamBam responded, “Me too.. I think I talked with Nayeon more often.. I used to love Nayeon one-sidedly, remember?”


It was also mentioned that Nayeon was BamBam’s first love at age 14. 

At this, Jihyo was flustered and said, “You’re really hiding nothing. That’s cool, BamBam” and imitated Song Hye Kyo from “The Glory”, drawing laughter. Then, the TWICE member made an observation and commented, “You were really cute.. Honestly, if I look at how you’re grown up, I feel like you’re not the BamBam I used to know.”

In response, BamBam insisted his face is the same and added that Jihyo looks exactly like how she used to be. “Every time I see her, she has no makeup on”, he mentioned, adding that he always feels comfortable with Jihyo and that “Jihyo really has the best bare face among celebrities.”

Afterwards, Jihyo revealed that she often goes all out when she goes drinking, so she only drinks with people she feels comfortable with. According to Jihyo, she often drinks with fellow TWICE member Jeongyeon, who likes drinking but isn’t good at it. Meanwhile, Momo and Chaeyoung are good at drinking, whilst Nayeon loves the atmosphere but can’t drink at all. 

Outside of TWICE, Jihyo often drinks with Sejeong, who has the same alcohol tolerance as her. “When I tell her that if I drink more, I think I might get drunk, she’d say the same thing”, the female idol said. 


Meanwhile, BamBam said that he still gets along well with JYP, and mentioned that JYP asked him to cook ramen despite it not being organic. In response, Jihyo laughed and added, “Three of us drank together before.”

Finally, Jihyo mentioned past hits of TWICE and revealed that she would feel embarrassed to perform songs like “TT” and “Cheer Up” now that she has gotten older. According to the female idol, she really can’t do “Sha Sha Sha” (a killing part of “Cheer Up”, and “What Is Love” is also embarrassing due to a body-shaking move at the ending. 

“I can’t watch the previous music show clips. The ending fairy is too difficult…Old times used to be good”, Jihyo added and mentioned an ending of Fancy with a rose. 

Meanwhile, BamBam mentioned that “Just Right” is the most embarrassing song to GOT7.

Source: Naver 

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