Shin Dong Yup supports Red Velvet Joy’s recovery and absence from “Animal Farm” 

Red Velvet Joy, who was serving as an MC for SBS’s “Animal Farm”, is taking a hiatus from the show as well as other activities. 

On the May 7th episode of SBS’ entertainment program “Animal Farm”, only Jung Sun Hee, Shin Dong Yup, and Tony Ahn appeared. Red Velvet Joy, who had halted her activities, could not be with them on the day of recording.


Here, Shin Dong Yup mentioned Joy and said, “The studio may feel empty, but our Red Velvet Joy couldn’t participate in today’s recording due to health reasons.” 

Following this, Jung Sun Hee also expressed her hope that Joy would recover quickly and brighten up the studio again. Meanwhile, Shin Dong Yup supported Joy’s recovery by saying, “I hope she gets better quickly and comes back.”


Previously on April 26th, SM Entertainment stated that Joy recently visited the hospital due to poor condition, and received the medical opinion that treatment and rest are necessary. Accordingly, Joy will focus on her recovery without participating in any schedules for the time being, and SM plans to announce Joy’s future activities as soon as they are decided.

Meanwhile, Joy’s group, Red Velvet, is currently holding their world tour “Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V”, but Joy was unable to participate. In addition, Joy temporarily took a break from her role as MC for “Animal Farm”, and the show confirmed on April 26th that while Joy has gone on a hiatus, she is not leaving her post. 


Joy then personally shared her recent status with fans on May 4th. In particular, the female idol said through a letter, “My heart has always been heavy, thinking about our fans who might be tired and worried while waiting indefinitely, but now that I’m slowly getting better, please forgive me for belatedly sending my regards like this.”

According to Joy, she is resting well and recovering. She also added that while it was hard and anxious to let everything go and spend time solely for herself, her members, people in the agency, and fans, are helping her to overcome the situation. 

Joy also promised to recover her health as soon as possible and return to fans, drawing a lot of support.

Source: Nate 

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