The hidden “dancing machines” in K-pop girl groups: Gaeul (IVE) falls behind while Jiwoo (NMIXX) slips following debut 

These dancing talents are usually overlooked despite their amazing potential in this regard. 

After one year of debut, IVE is often considered to be one of 4-generation’s Kpop finest. Contrary to the group’s popularity, Gaeul is usually overlooked. The female idol has both the looks and dancing skills that can easily blow viewers away. Her performance at “The Fact Music Awards” was especially impressive with the audiences. 

Gaeul as the main dancer in IVE. (Image: Kpopping)
The idol possesses an awe-inspiring talent with choreography. (Image: The Fact Music Awards)

Despite her abundant talents, Gaeul does not have much spotlight with IVE. Yujin is in fact the name that pops up when speaking of outstanding choreography execution. 


When NMIXX was first introduced, Jiwoo drew attention for her choreography potential and captivating charisma. Previously, she was a member of “Dastreet Dance”. However, following her debut, the idol’s movement somehow lacks the original flexibility, leading to a decreased attention to Jiwoo. 

Jiwoo checked all the boxes to be exceptional in the dancing department. (Image: YouTube JYP) 
She was a dancer and kept the fire for dancing in her. (Image: Pinterest) 
After debut, Jiwoo somehow loses her elegance in moves. (Image: M Countdown) 

Yeji (ITZY) is both a talented leader and capable dancer. She has a professional dancing performance and versatile onstage expressions. She is especially known for her freestyle dancing. In popular knowledge, people only know of Chaeryeong when it comes to dancing. 

Yeji is highly regarded for her dancing skills. (Image: Pinterest) 
She boasts of attractive dance moves and astounding expressions. (Image: Pinterest) 
itzy chaeryeong
However, it is Chaeryeong that is mentioned in regards to dancing. (Image: Pinterest) 

Before her departure, Soojin was the main dancer. Following the controversies, Yuqi takes over the position in (G)I-DLE. However, a majority of fans believe Soyeon also deserves recognition as a good dancer. They think that her extraordinary rapping skills overshadow her potential in dancing. 

Soojin and Yuqi are two members representing the dancing department in (G)I-DLE. (Image: Pinterest) 
Apart from rapping and composing, Soyeon has great dancing potential. (Image: M Countdown)
The leader is acclaimed for her multiple talents. (Image: Pinterest) 

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