Taeyong, “NCT 127 is a team that walks steadily. We did our best without regrets”

Leader Taeyong recalled the path that NCT 127 has gone as they are now performing at Jamsil Main Stadium.

At 4 p.m on October 23rd, a press conference for NCT 127’s 2nd World Tour ‘NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK +’ was held at the Olympic Main Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. All members, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Taeil, Haechan, Mark, Taeyong, Johnny, and Yuta, attended the event.

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During the event, Taeyong said, “On the journey from our debut until now, I think we’re a team that has been walking slowly”. He confessed, “We took steady steps but we worked hard enough to feel that we’ve done well and we have no regret when looking back on our past” adding “The members of our team have deep affection for each other and respect each other so much. We’re a respectful team. Thanks to that, we were able to go up on stage. I also think fans support and cheer for us because of that reason”.


He continued, “Whatever happens, our team will continue to walk steadily in our own way”, adding “So please don’t be impatient and walk slowly with us”, expressing his determination.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 is holding their first solo concert at Jamsil Main Stadium, the largest concert hall in Korea, for two days, Oct 22nd and Oct 23rd. To soothe fans’ disappointment from last year’s performance in December when the number of audiences was limited, the group plans to meet a total of 60,000 audiences at the two-day concert this time.

Source: Daum

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