Apart from her family members, HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young also flexes her corporate card with luxury brand employees

Controversy continues as CEO Kwon Jin Young was found to have given HOOK’s corporate card to not only her family members but also all employees at a luxury brand.

According to Dispatch’s report on November 30th, CEO Kwon Jin Young gave a corporate card worth 10 million won per month to A, a former employee at a luxury store located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Kwon Jin-young

It is known that A often appeared in photos taken at meals with CEO Kwon and she has already quit her job at the luxury store. 

A was found to have paid about 108 million won in 18 months after receiving the card from CEO Kwon. Luxury item shopping accounts for more than half of the total usage of the card. In addition, A even used the corporate card for body management services. 

Not only A, but CEO Kwon’s family members also used HOOK’s corporate card for personal use. To confirm details of the related content, Dispatch tried to contact HOOK officials but couldn’t connect with them.

L idol drug allegations

Earlier, Dispatch reported that CEO Kwon used the corporate card to pay up to 2.8 billion in 6 years. The media outlet also disclosed details on what the card was spent on. As a result, the purchase history mainly revealed luxury goods & meals, online game money chargings, buying gold, and beauty services. 

Meanwhile, CEO Kwon is in dispute with Lee Seung Gi, a singer and actor under her agency HOOK, over the settlement of his music revenue. In this regard, CEO Kwon made an official position, saying “If there is any part that HOOK Entertainment or I, personally, are confirmed to be legally responsible for, we will take full responsibility without stepping back and avoiding it.”

Source: Nate

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