CEO Kwon Jin Young is exposed of funding her luxurious life by spending 2.8 billion won using the company card

The secret to her extravagant lifestyle lies in the company card.

CEO Kwon Jin Young is VVVVIP of the Cheongdam L brand store. She and her friends went shopping, chatted, and even ordered food to eat in the lounge on the third floor of this store. How did they take control of such a luxurious store? The secret is in the corporate card. Indeed, CEO Kwon Jin Young’s corporate credit card limit is 80 million won per month, which is 40 times more than Lee Seung Gi‘s team.

Kwon Jin-young

Dispatch has obtained the details of Kwon Jin Young’s usage of her company card. From January 2016 to July 2022, about 2.8 billion won were used throughout six years. She also received 2.6 billion won in annual salary during that period.

Kwon Jin Young registered her sibling as a (fake) employee and provided them with more than 400 million won. She also gave her mother a card worth 5 million won per month. She even gave a company card with a limit of 10 million won per month to A, a woman who worked at the L store. Kwon Jin Young and her family led a more extravagant life than anyone else with the company cards.

◆ New Year in Japan

On January 1st, 2016, the ‘Hook’ family celebrated their New Year’s morning in Japan. Director B posted a picture of them eating at the Andaz Hotel in Tokyo and prayed that things would go smoothly.

The accommodation fee for this New Year’s trip in Japan is 11 million won, paid with Kwon Jin Young’s corporate credit card. In 2016, Kwon Jin Young’s hotel fee was 24 million won, which was all paid by corporate cards.

Kwon Jin-young

Kwon Jin Young spent more than 200 million won on hotel accommodations throughout 7 years. Of course, this includes business trips as well. However, there were more “private trips” than business trips. In other words, the company’s money has been spent on Kwon’s personal travel.

Kwon Jin-young

“Afternoon tea, targeting women’s hearts”

“Andaz hallway, photo zone”

“The beauty of a vacation spot”

Kwon Jin-young

“Food with my friends”

“I went on a vacation at a hotel”

Kwon Jin-young

Kwon Jin-young’s alleged embezzlement is also confirmed in posts uploaded by the directors of her company.

◆ Louis V*’s VVVIP customer

Kwon Jin-young is the VVVIP of the Cheongdam L brand store. She has the power to even order food to eat at the VIP lounge on the third floor. This is all thanks to corporate credit cards. The corporate credit card payment amount (2020-2022) confirmed by Dispatch is approximately 270 million won. She paid 48 times in two years at the L brand Cheongdam store alone.

Kwon Jin-young

However, the Kwon Jin Young family is not only favoring Louis V*. They also favor brands such as Herme*, Chan*l, Prad*, Gucc*, Dio*, and Burberr*.

Kwon Jin Young has spent about 1.84 billion won on luxury goods shopping over the past six years. Of course, she didn’t use it alone. Directors of Hook also used the CEO’s corporate cards.

Kwon Jin-young

◆ “Use your personal card”

February 27, 2019. Kwon told Lee Seung Gi’s manager to use their personal card to buy Lee sandwiches and coffee during his schedule. At the same time, Kwon Jin Young’s high school best friend D spent 1.87 million won at H Spa in Cheongdam-dong, using the company card.

Kwon Jin-young

August 16, 2019. Kwon told Lee Seung Gi to pay 29,800 won for snacks and energy bars with his own money because it was for “personal purpose”. However, five days before that, Kwon’s mother swiped the company card to pay 178,000 won at a galbi restaurant in Anseong.

Kwon Jin Young doesn’t want to pay for Lee Seung Gi’s food, but spent 172 million won (1,129 times) on meals and 42 million won (690 times) on daily necessities.

◆ Corporate card, how far have Kwon Jin Young used it?

Dispatch found cyber money payment details in Kwon Jin Young’s corporate card details. She has paid 780,000 won in 2019, 90,000 won in 2020, and 1.59 million won in 2022.

Kwon Jin-young

Kwon Jin Young has used a total of 2.47 million won over the three years, ranging from 1,500 won to 100,000 won each time. There is no way to check what items she bought with this money.

Kwon Jin-young

Kwon also bought gold with the corporate card. The amount paid on the gold exchange was 8.9 million won (3 times). This would be a violation of the Kim Young Ran Act if she embezzled and gave this to broadcasting officials.

There were also payments for the good cause (?). Kwon used the corporate credit card for charitable donations In 2021. She donated 235,000 won per month to the Children’s Foundation. The cumulative amount is 2.85 million won.

Kwon Jin-young

In addition, 30 million won for hospital expenses, 28 million won for online shopping, and 20 million won for esthetic were also paid by corporate credit cards. The accumulated amount is 2.6 billion won over six years.

But is this the end?

◆ Kwon Jin Young and A

Kwon Jin-young

Kwon Jin Young described Lee Seung Gi as her family member in the past. However, Lee Seung Gi was a “fake” family member. Kwon Jin Young gave everything generously to her “real” family.

Kwon Jin Young also gave a corporate card to a woman named A. The limit is 10 million won. This is the second-highest amount in Hook. It is 5 times more than the corporate card of Lee Seung Gi’s team.

◆ The most beautiful days in life, those days are over

Kwon Jin-young

Sep 24th, 2020. Hook Building’s rooftop.

Kwon Jin Young family leisurely enjoyed the splendid fall.

Kwon Jin-young

What about Hook’s staff at that time? They were busy because of Kwon Jin Young family.

It turns out that their brilliant moment was made of other people’s sweat.

Source: Dispatch

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