Why did Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won’s new drama “Curtain Call” ratings drop dramatically by half in episode 2? 

“Curtain Call” was off to a good start but the ratings declined significantly in episode 2. 

Curtain Call”, the new drama starring Kang Ha Neul, Ha Ji Won and veteran actress Go Doo Shim, has premiered its first two episodes earlier this week. Featuring a star-studded cast, “Curtain Call” premiered to a rating of 7.2%, an impressive number for a drama that airs at the beginning of the week. However, in episode 2, the ratings dropped dramatically to only 3.1%. This has caused “Curtain Call” to rank last in the rating race of Tuesday dramas on cable channels. 

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Despite declining ratings on TV, the score that “Curtain Call” received on Mydramalist skyrocketed, from 7.7 in episode 1 to 8.4 after episode 2 came out. However, international viewers on Mydramalist also left mixed reviews. Some praised the drama for its fresh plot, great cast, while others pointed out the weaknesses of the first 2 episodes.

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Specifically, a large part of viewers thinks that the dialogues between the characters in “Curtain Call” were written in a quite clumsy way. In addition, the way of filming and editing also makes the drama seem “outdated”, reminiscent of K-dramas in the 2010s, even though it is set in the present time. Some viewers also mentioned that “Curtain Call” has an opening scene similar to “Ode To My Father”, a Korean classic that also tells the story of post-war pain and separation.

Comments from viewers after episode 2:

  • The first scene is too similar to “Ode To My Father”, no? Overall the drama can be better produced. I thought it was a drama from 2010.
  • Episode 1 was quite good, but episode 2 was a bit disappointing, the dialogues feel outdated.
  • The drama is great. I cried in both episodes. The acting and the plot are very refreshing, don’t listen to any negative reviews. Give it a watch.
  • I think there is a problem with the filming and production crew, wasting both the script and acting.
  • I was a bit let down after watching episode 2 but it’s okay, it’s still worth looking forward to.

Source: k14

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