“Please use your heart,” Yoo Ah In’s heartwarming snap rather than tears when facing the conviction

Actor Yoo Ah In released the anger that he has been enduring. His harsh criticism made the spectators solemn. 

Yoo Ah In posted a sorrowful post on social media early on Nov 3rd, saying, “I’m trying to walk, but it’s hard to even take a step forward.” He expressed his shock and sadness regarding the recent Itaewon disaster. 

Tens of thousands of people gathered ahead of Halloween in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on Oct 29th, which led to a large-scale crush accident occurred in a narrow alleyway. According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, the death toll from the accident alone reached 156 as of Nov 3rd. 

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The nation is heating up with unprecedented sad news every day after day. Yoo Ah In was not in Korea on the day of the disaster. Nevertheless, he was mentioned in malicious rumors related to the disaster. Some rumored that a celebrity at Itaewon then was the cause of the accident, and they claimed that he was Yoo Ah In. His agency had to even announce its official position, saying,Yoo Ah In was not in Korea on the day of the disaster.”

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Fortunately, the rumors were quickly refuted, but the aftereffects must have remained. Regarding this, Yoo Ah In said, “In the middle of the mourner’s house, you turn your back to the mourning. We don’t know who did better. We don’t know who did more wrong. Screens are not turned off because they use ‘turned-off’ lives as weapons, shields, materials, snacks, and obstacles. Dog noises are louder than the wailing of their masters. Things that are being sold with big data. Shut up, you should be ashamed of yourself. Use your heart, please”

The actor also took one step further and expressed sufficient condolences for the victims of the disasters. “Things that were abandoned after we competed for more and less pain. The truth is that we are all in the same group. I hope my sincere hearts can reach where they are needed the most right now”, he said, adding “I wish I could touch your painful hearts by tapping on the screen. I love you. And I adore you.”

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Yoo Ah In’s heartfelt message can feel moving or harsh depending on the viewer. Some even expressed that they are “relieved”, as Yoo Ah In, who was swept up in malicious rumors, has shown his own unwavering perspective.

It is never easy for a celebrity, whose feelings and judgment are important to the public, to reveal their beliefs. The more serious a social issue is, the more careful celebrities have to be to approach it, and the more limits they face. This is because one word of a celebrity can carry ample weight and attract humongous attention, they can influence a lot of people, and even minor expressions or mistakes of them can be subjected to criticism.

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Nevertheless, Yoo Ah In has been consistently expressing his own points of view through social media. Even in the face of a national tragedy like the Itaewon disaster, his convictions remain unchanged. His statement, which is said with courage and a ready mindset against hatred, offers a warmer comfort than any tearful mourning.

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