Itaewon Halloween stampede, because of Yoo Ah-in? Yoo Ah-in’s side “He left Korea on Oct 29th”

Yoo Ah-in’s side said the rumor that he was the cause of the accident in the middle of downtown Itaewon, Seoul on Oct 29th was “groundless”.

On Nov 1st, an official from Yoo Ah-in‘s agency UAA drew a line, “Yoo Ah-in left the country on Oct 29th and is currently staying abroad. He has nothing to do with the Itaewon disaster.”

Shortly after the accident, there were claims online that the disaster occurred as famous celebrities and influencers appeared in Itaewon and people gathered to see them. Actor Yoo Ah-in, who lives in Itaewon, as well as BJ K and BJ Seya were mentioned.

yoo ah in

In response, BJ K explained the situation in his personal broadcast, “I was pushed into the bar due to the crowd.” BJ Seya also explained, “I was just pushed by the crowd, and no one recognized me because of my makeup.”

Meanwhile, the police plan to strictly investigate if there is any defamation or personal information leakage of the deceased related to the Itaewon accident.

itaewon stampede

6 posts, including defamation, have already been ordered to be investigated (internal investigation). 63 posts, including the spread of false information, have also been requested to be deleted and blocked.

Source: Nate

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