Hyuna said she wanted to stop talking about her boyfriend Dawn

Famous singer Hyuna said she finds talking about her boyfriend “troublesome”

On August 19th, the YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary” released an episode featuring rapper Lee Young Ji and singer Hyuna.

In the video, Lee Young Ji tried to ease Hyuna’s mind, saying: “Let’s just drink and hang out today”

Hyuna then replied: “I came here because of that. I wonder when I will be able to drink with you younger girls again.”

The famous singer then referred to her boyfriend Dawn, who previously proposed to her, adding: “It has been 15 years since my debut, half of the time I spent with Dawn.”

Hearing this, Lee Young Ji showed interest in hearing the story, but Hyun Ah refused. “Give him a call, get him to come here, and listen to it from him”, she said. 

Let’s be honest, you are a little tired of it, right?”, Lee Young Ji asked, to which Hyuna answered, “I want to stop talking about him now. It’s troublesome”. 

Hearing this, Lee Young Ji brightened the atmosphere by saying: “I’m sorry, but didn’t you come here to have a drink?”

Source: nate

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