Controversial stars who appeared on “Produce 101”… The show eventually remains in their life as a “tag”, not a “career”

More former Mnet’s “Produce 101” trainees have become the center of gossip. Is it the self-conceit resulting from the huge popularity they gained from the show that fueled controversies?

Produce 101 center” Kang Daniel (real name Kang Eui-geon) was embroiled in controversy last month when he made some remarks comparing “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter”. At that time, he said, “To be honest, I feel very comfortable and happy being on the show with male dancers. Because I don’t get sucked of my energy. I was really scared and nervous back then”, adding “It was scarier when I did ‘Street Woman Fighter’.”

When fans asked him to be careful with his words that seemed to have shown his sexist attitude, Kang Daniel overreacted, “What do you mean I’m having a sexist attitude? I’m at a loss for words. People like them (fans who got angry at his remarks) would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows”. In response to fans who protested against his inappropriate attitude, Kang Daniel said, “What’s wrong with saying that I got scared? The female dancers also wore bold eyeliner and makeup”. “I’ll block them, bye!”, he said to fans, causing another controversy over blocking and mocking fans.

Lai Guanlin was the talk of the town when he was caught smoking and spitting on the street in 2020. At that time, netizens on various online communities spread the photo showing Lai Guanlin smoking and spitting on the street. As the controversy intensified, he apologized, “I am so sorry. As a public figure, I’ve had an inappropriate action. I accept all of your criticism and promise that I will never do that again.”

However, Lai Guanlin faced another backlash in the same year due to a disclosure posted online by a person believed to be a staff member who worked with Lai Guanlin. This person insisted, “Lai Guanlin’s claim of being a victim after requesting to his agency CUBE Entertainment to terminate his contract is a lie”, adding “He was so good at acting when he said he had been fooled by Koreans. ‘Unfair contract. I got fooled and signed it’… It’s a lie”.

Earlier, Lai Guanlin said, “CUBE transferred its management authority to a third party to enter the China market but did not inform me of it”, demanding the termination of his exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment.

Jang Moon-bok made headlines with the controversy over his private life exposed by his ex-girlfriend. In 2020, A, who identified herself as Jang Moon-bok’s ex-girlfriend, posted on online communities, saying “Jang Moon-bok made sexual harassment remarks and actions in our first meeting”, adding “I didn’t even get a proper apology for this”. A then revealed, “We started dating after having favorable feelings for each other, and then Jang Moon-bok asked me to give him money and have sex.

The image of Jang Moon-bok, who had been loved for the pure characteristic he shown on “Produce 101”, was badly affected by this issue, At that time, netizens voiced disappointment toward Jang Moon-bok, saying “Wow, his image has been ruined”, “Keep your manners, please”, “I cannot believe in celebrities’ images anymore”, etc.

Most recently, a former “Produce 101” trainee B was sentenced to suspended prison. According to reports on August 19th, B (26 years old) was indicted on charges of causing injuries, making special threats, and housebreaking, and was sentenced to one year in prison and two years in suspended prison. He was also ordered 1 year of probation and 80 hours of community service.

In October last year, B broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend through the veranda because she refused to meet him. He wrapped his arm around the ex-girlfriend’s neck as she was trying to escape, dragged her to the living, threatened her with a knife he found in the kitchen, and forced her to continue meeting with him. However, B strangled the ex-girlfriend when she refused his request and scream. It was revealed through the investigation that when the neighbor heard A’s scream and rang the doorbell, B even threatened A and forced her to be silent.

To celebrities, the images they created are all of their life. Therefore, they should be more cautious with their words and actions. Inappropriate words and actions can badly damage their images or push them into the abyss. If they continue to appear on broadcasts with modifiers such as “self-conceit”, “disrespect“, and “crime“, what the name “Produce 101” remains in their life is just a “tag”, not “career”.

Source: daum

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