Lee Hyo Ri is returning as a singer after being active as an entertainer for years 

Lee Hyo Ri is about to come back to her main job. 

Singer Lee Hyo Ri was confirmed to be a part of vol. 3 of “Two Track Project” with the single “I’m Happy From Today”, featuring her husband Lee Sang Soon. The song will be released on various streaming platforms on August 11th.

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“I’m Happy From Today” is a song about escaping from the world for a while and meeting your true self. It was written and composed by Cho Dong Hee and Cho Dong Ik. Lee Hyo Ri’s husband Lee Sang Soon plays the guitar, while singer-songwriter Jang Pil Soon adds harmony.

Since Lee Hyo Ri moved to Jeju Island in 2013, she has been close to Cho Dong Ik and Jang Pil Soon. This seems to have influenced the release of this single. Perhaps because she worked with Jang Pil Soon, who is called the godmother of folk music, the genre of “I’m Happy From Today” is known to be folk.

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Lee Hyo Ri debuted in the female idol group Fin.K.L in 1998. She started her solo career in 2003 and became a successful soloist, gaining great popularity from her first full-length album, “10 Minutes”.

“Toc Toc Toc”, “U-Go-Girl”, “Hey Mr. Big”, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “Bad Girls” and “Miss Korea” were Lee Hyo Ri’s most iconic songs during her active days as a singer. 

lee hyori

Following her marriage to singer Lee Sang Soon in 2013, she went on a hiatus for about four years. In July 2017, she released her 6th album, which included the songs “Seoul” and “Black”.

After that, Lee Hyo Ri was rarely active as a singer. She focused on variety show appearances such as MBC’s “Hangout With Yoo” and TVING’s “Seoul Check-in”.

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