“Son Seok-gu from ‘The Roundup’? We have Im Si-wan,” Im Si-wan’s reaction to Song Kang-ho bragging about him 

Actor Im Si-wan expressed his gratitude to his senior Song Kang-ho.

Im Si-wan, who played Jin-seok, a passenger who came to the airport without a destination in the movie “Emergency Declaration,” joined an online video interview with WikiTree at 11 a.m. on August 8th. “I’m a person who is thirsty for compliments. However, it is more meaningful and proud for me when people who are considered good at acting on a worldwide scale praise me for my acting. I think I can return to the filming set again thanks to that driving force,” he shared.

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Song Kang-ho, who participated in an interview earlier, picked Im Si-wan as the most impressive actor and praised him, saying, “If there is Son Seok-gu in the movie ‘The Roundup’, we have Im Si-wan.”

Reacting to this, Im Si-wan laughed, saying, “I saw Son Seok-gu’s acting in ‘The Roundup’ and I don’t think I’m worth being compared to him. I think Song Kang-ho just said it with the intention of praising me. I have called him to say thank you. I’m just thankful that he gave me a lot of compliments in a shy way during our stage greeting,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Song Kang-ho.

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When asked about his feelings about reuniting with Song Kang-ho after “The Attorney,” Im Si-wan said, “There is no scene where Song Kang-ho and I encounter each other in ‘Emergency Declaration’. I was on the plane and he was on the ground,” he said. “But he came to the scene to cheer me on when I was acting, and he praised me a lot at that time too. Those compliments were very encouraging,” he stressed.

“Emergency Declaration,” released on August 3rd, is an aviation disaster film about a plane that declared an unconditional landing due to an unprecedented terrifying reason. Han Jae-rim of “The King” and “The Face Reader” directed the movie, and actors Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Nam-gil, and Park Hae-jun appeared in the main cast.

Source: wikitree

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