Lee Hyo-ri, shocking recent visual with wrinkles?… “Take care of your appearance” vs. “It’s natural”, netizens’ reactions are divided

An article about Lee Hyo-ri’s recent visual is attracting keen attention from netizens.

On July 30th, an article titled “The shocking visual of Lee Hyo-ri recently” was posted on the entertainment online community MBBPARK. In the article, a photo of Lee Hyo-ri wearing a leopard print top and sexy makeup was attached. However, the so-called “marionette lines” wrinkles around her mouth and blemishes on her face could be seen clearly, making the 44-year-old Lee Hyo-ri suddenly look old. It has not been confirmed whether the photo was edited or taken directly from any source, but netizens, who have only seen Lee Hyo-ri’s bold image in her 20s through the media, gave mixed reactions.

Netizens commented, “Park Joo-mi wins again”, “She’s just getting old naturally. What’s wrong?”, “She’s going to get cursed for taking surgery”, “That’s pretty enough”, “Seems like the photo was taken a few years ago”, “She’s in her mid-40s, of course, she should look like this”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri, who lives on Jeju Island after marrying Lee Sang-soon, recently appeared on TVing’s “Seoul Check-in” and made a surprise appearance on a broadcast of MBC’s “The Manager” that showed Hong Hyun-hee and Jason’s visit to Jeju. 

Source: nate

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