The “Korean Juliet” who worked her way from the bottom, once rumored to be dating Song Joong Ki?

Hardworking, ambitious, and clean records are the words Korean netizens use to describe this gorgeous actress.

From a no-name actress to the “Korean Juliet” and top star 

Actress Moon Chae Won was born in 1986, and developed talents for the arts from a young age. She almost became a painter, even majoring in Western Arts at the Chugye Arts University.  However, in 2006, Moon Chae Won suddenly dropped out to pursue an acting career. 

As she was a no-name at the time, without experience nor connections, Moon Chae Won could only use her own dedication and effort, eventually landing a minor role in “Reconstruction of Love”. In 2008, she surpassed various formidable opponents to earn a major role in “Mackerel Run”, where she starred alongside famous actor Lee Min Ho. Her big break came in the same year, after Moon Chae Won played a minor role in “Painter of The Wind”, and yet earned the hearts of various audiences as she delivered a heart-fluttering and gentle lesbian love story. In fact, her chemistry with fellow actress Moon Geun Young was so intense at the time, they ended up winning Best Couple Awards later in the year. 

Following the success of “Painter of The Win”, Moon Chae Won continued to improve her popularity via series like “Brilliant Legacy”, “My Fair Lady”, “Good Doctor”, and “The Princess’ Man”.

She also attained outstanding achievements, winning Best New Actress at the 2011 Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards via her role in cinematic project “War of the Arrows”. In the year alone, she was nominated for 11 categories at numerous cinematic awards, and won 10 of them. It was also then that she earned the nickname “The Korean Juliet”.

Scandal-free personal life and dating rumors with famous actors

Despite being a famous actress, Moon Chae Won is an extremely private person, who very rarely talks about her personal life. The only scandal throughout the actress career was when her personal Instagram account suddenly pressed like on various posts of a controversial male celebrity, but her agency was quick to clear things up, stating that Moon Chae Won’s account was hacked and utilized for defamation. They also rushed to press charges, and was able to restore Moon Chae Won’s clean image in the audience’s eyes.

Dating rumors also seldomly happen to Moon Chae Won, and over a decade, only 2 male actors were suspected to be the actress’ lover. In particular, she was spotted sharing a heating pack with Song Joong Ki – her co-star in “The Innocent Man”, leading to dating speculations. However, Song Joong Ki himself stepped up to explain that the weather was too cold at the time and that there was only one heating pack, so it was normal for them to use it together. 

In 2020, Moon Chae Won and famous actor Lee Jun Ki played husband and wife in the crime series “Flower of Evil”. While there is no “evidence” that the two may be dating, their on-screen chemistry was so intense and their relationship off the screen was so close, that many netizens were convinced otherwise. 

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