FreeZia Song Ji Ah’s face before and after makeup, was your face like this? 

Famous YouTuber Song Ji Ah released a makeup video, having resumed her activities after “fake controversy”.

On August 8th, Song Ji Ah (also known as FreeZia) uploaded a video titled “GRWM, Daily Honey Glow Makeup ft TMI Explosion” (literal translation) on her YouTube Channel. In the video introduction, Song Ji Ah introduced her daily makeup style, and said that she is happy to make a get ready video with Pringies (the name of her fandom). The female influencer also promised that she will film another makeup video with more colors next time. 

The video started with Song Ji Ah wearing her bare face and started doing make up. “I like doing light makeup these days,” she said, explaining that the style makes her skin look glowy tat that she will do a clean makeup look that will brighten the skin, give the lips some highlight, and hardly wear any eye makeup. 


Her final result is a luminous and bright look, which receives a lot of response from fans and proves Ji Ah’s extensive makeup knowledge and skills. 

Song Ji Ah is a famous YouTuber under the name of “FreeZia”. She gained immense attention after appearing on the dating show “Single’s Inferno”, but was later condemned for using fake luxury goods. The female influencer then apologized and took a 4-month hiatus for self reflection, before resuming her SNS activities and communicating with fans again. 

Source: Nate

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