Nancy (MOMOLAND)’s reaction when talking about Jennie debunks the controversy of her ‘glaring’ at BLACKPINK in the past

Nancy (Momoland)’s reaction in a recent Livestream has made fans excited because she is too cute.

Despite being a pretty girl group with hit songs like ‘Bboom Bboom’ and ‘BAAM’, there are still many Kpop fans who are not friendly with Momoland. It all came from a controversy in 2018 when member Nancy was accused by netizens of ‘glaring’ at BLACKPINK while the YG girl group won the 1st place at ‘Music Core’ with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. Since that incident, Momoland has been constantly caught up in scandals regarding their attitudes, most notably not bowing to their seniors at music shows or awards shows.

Besides criticism, there are many people who defend Nancy in the situation with BLACKPINK. They said that she was not trying to ‘show an attitude’ but because of her normally resting face, which could easily cause misunderstandings. The mixed visual herself also shared on ‘Weekly Idol’ that she used to be asked by many people if she was angry because of her ’emotionless’ face. This makes many people think that Nancy did not mean to  ‘disrespect’ her colleagues like what people often say, and the latest evidence further proves this.

Yesterday (June 7), Momoland members Nancy and Ahin went on Insta live. Here, Ahin suddenly revealed: ‘Nancy likes Jennie, right?‘. As soon as she heard her member mentioning that she liked Jennie, Nancy looked very embarrassed. She shyly said: ‘That’s a secret!‘ and Ahin repeated: ‘Is that a secret? Oh I’m sorry … Nancy liking BLACKPINK’s Jennie is a secret. ‘ After moments of embarrassing chuckles, Nancy said: ‘She is a queen. She is amazing. ‘

Perhaps because Nancy’s reaction was cute, Ahin then continued to talk about her liking Jennie. Ahin joyfully said: ‘It’s cute seeing Nancy‘s reaction to Jennie. She’s like… having a crush on her or something.’ Nancy continued to be shy, then finally smiled and repeated: ‘She’s queen!

Nancy’s cute expressions when talking about Jennie made fans ‘melted’. Many people think that she really likes the BLACKPINK member but she ‘hid it’ until now when it was revealed by her group member. In particular, this is not the first time Momoland’s youngest member praised BLACKPINK. Previously, in an interview, Nancy also gave many praises to Jisoo, that Jisoo’s beauty cannot be described and in real life, she is even much prettier than in photos.

Many fans said that assuming that Nancy hated BLACKPINK was purely baseless speculation. They think that the female idol should not have been ‘attacked’ so much because her action totally didn’t mean anything negative to BLACKPINK. In fact, she even silently cheers for and strongly fangirls over BLACKPINK.

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