Joy (Red Velvet) sweeps fans off their feet with a suitable image after 5 years in the acting scene 

“Once Upon A Small Town” brought Joy to a new height of career for various charms and improving acting execution. 

Once dismissed by netizens as an “acting disaster” in her early acting career, Joy (Red Velvet) has a drastic transformation on-screen, showing off her acting capabilities with sweet and friendly images. 

From the start, Joy already had a hard time with acting in 2017. Until now, five years after her drama debut, the idol-actress has not had a remarkable work that can persuade the audiences. Nonetheless, Joy seems to be improving day by day with better drama project choices, shown in the actress’ appearance in her first ever web-drama series “Once Upon A Small Town”. 

A glance at her career, Joy was not successful with television series. Three dramas the actress was the lead, including “The Liar and His Lover”, “Tempted” and “The One and Only” , suffered from controversies, low ratings and lack of heat. “Once Upon A Small Town” was a turning point for the positive reviews it received from viewers, mostly on the performance of the female police officer Ahn Ja Young played by Joy and her wonderful charisma. 

Beside her adorable charms, Joy also drew attention for her various looks. From her long hair tied up in a bun or let down naturally, the actress is loved for the homey, countryside image throughout the series. Fans especially love her new look with bangs. 

Joy’s various charms are also an attractive point. The singer can put on a serious front to help others while switching to a more sweet and intimate side interacting with her co-stars and animals in a matter of seconds. Her innocent charm builds for the actress a “girl next door” image easily gained favor of the viewers. 

In real life, Joy’s new style is also a sensation to netizens. Her high-class aura and CEO style caught eyes at the Milan Fashion Week 2022. Her airport fashion and fashion show looks were the talk of the town for their stylishness and exceptional class. 

After many ups and downs in her career, Joy seems to be on the right path, both in her film choice and real life image. With this pace, the idol-actress can build a firm foundation for her future development and easily gain recognition in the near future. 

The results are clear. The positive reviews pouring in clearly shows Joy is at the top of her game. For an idol-turned-actress, the singer had a much more struggling time to build a career for herself. However, with resilience and nonstop improvement, Joy is regaining for herself the recognition she deserves. 


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