NME selected IU’s “Lilac” as “The best K-pop song of 2021”

IU’s “Lilac” was named No.1 on “The 25 best K-pop songs of 2021” list by NME, a British music magazine.

On Dec 21st, NME announced “The 25 best K-pop songs of 2021” list through its official website. The magazine added that the judging criteria were rankings that focused on musical essence.

iu lilac nme

Lilac“, the title song of IU‘s 5th album “Lilac“, topped the list. NME praised, “‘Lilac’, IU’s first album in four years, is nothing short of magnificent. The 10-track comeback record not only reestablished her as an all-rounder, who has the ability to transition from elegant disco pop to soaring ballads to smoky R&B seamlessly, but also as an expert storyteller and songwriter.” In particular, the media outlet drew attention by expressing the title track “Lilac” as “the bittersweet journey of letting your youth go“.


Next, NME referred to IU‘s previous songs and analyzed, “While age has always played a significant part in IU’s music – ‘CHAT-SHIRE’’s ‘Twenty-three’ is a spunky coming-of-age bop, while the minimalist ‘Palette’ finds her embracing adulthood on her own terms – ‘Lilac’ feels more intimate and knowing than the rest. Seeped in nostalgia, this surprisingly dancey number is a heartfelt love letter to the singer’s roaring 20s before she enters a new decade.”

Meanwhile, IU‘s “Lilac” was followed by aespa‘s “Next Level” (No.2), Key‘s “Bad Love” (No.3), TWICE‘s “The Feels” (No.4), STAYC‘s “Stereotype” (No.5), aespa‘s “Savage” (No.6), Taemin‘s “Advice” (No.7), TXT‘s “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” (No.8), Lee Hi‘s “Red Lipstick” (No.9) and BTS‘s “Butter” (No.10).

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