Kpop idols that debuted in 2015 and their different fates: from disbandment to contract extension

As their artist contract will soon expire, the status of Kpop idols who debuted in 2015 becomes a hot topic in Korea. 

2015 is filled with the debut of various famous Kpop artists, including TWICE, iKON, Monsta X, SEVENTEEN, Oh My Girl, and many more. However, the contracts of all these groups are expiring this year, leading to tough decisions. While some groups will never be whole again after this, there are several that are still discussing, and some that decide to go on together. 

Current status of 2015 Kpop groups is a hot topic in Korea. 


Debuted on October 20th, 2015 under JYP Entertainment, TWICE has risen to become one of the top groups of the Kpop 3rd generation, and their earning power is not something to joke with. Throughout 7 years of their career, the group has nailed multiple hits, such as “Cheer Up”, and “TT”, obtained Perfect All Kills for their song, and even won the grand prize Daesang at many awards ceremonies. However, there’s only 5 months left of the group’s contract, and no news has been released about a possible extension. Fans are basically biting their nails in worries at the fate of TWICE. 

TWICE is the top-earner of JYP Entertainment
The group has a glorious 7 years throughout their career. 


Having entered the Kpop industry on May 26th, 2015, SEVENTEEN has managed to establish a stable standing for themselves. The famous boy group constantly releases million-seller albums and their concerts sell out in a matter of minutes. Their popularity, success, and bonding between the members led to the group extending their contract with Pledis Entertainment. To the joy of CARATs (fandom of SEVENTEEN), the group announced that they will continue together a year early before their contract expiration date in May 2022. 

All 13 members of SEVENTEEN extended their contracts with Pledis Entertainment a year prior. 
Their latest fanmeeting in Japan sold so many tickets, it was basically a concert. 

Oh My Girl 

Oh My Girl’s agency, WM Entertainment, recently announced about the girl group’s contract status. According to the company, except for the main visual Jiho, all members decided to resign, and Oh My Girl will promote as a 6-member group in the future. 

It is notable to say that Jiho contacted Covid-19 before this news came out, but WM Entertainment completely ignored her. This led to suspicions that the female idol has been mistreated to make such a harsh decision. 

Oh My Girl-Real Love
All 7 members of Oh My Girl recently made a comeback with “Real Love”. 
The main visual Jiho official left WM Entertainment and Oh My Girl.


In May 2022, MONSTA X’s contract with Starship Entertainment would expire. However, only Shownu, Kihyun, and Hyungwon have resigned, leaving Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M in discussion. Previously in 2019, the group lost the member Wonho after a series of controversies. 

For now, the future of MONSTA X remains a mystery. 
Wonho had to leave the group back in 2019 due to his scandals.


iKON debuted in September 2015 and their contracts will expire this year. However, there has been no news about a possible extension. However, on the bright side, their recent comeback with “But You” on May 3rd has been receiving positive reactions from fans. Like MONSTA X, iKON already lost its full lineup due to the departure of B.I

iKON just made a successful comeback with “But You”.
But the previous departure of their old member B.I has greatly reduced the group’s popularity. 


Debuted in March 2015 under CUBE Entertainment, CLC is perhaps the group with the most turbulent career. Way before their contract expired, two members Elkie and Sorn had departed from the company due to alleged mistreatment. The moment there’s no contract, Seungyeon and Yeeun also left, leaving behind Seunghee and Eunbin who’s still debating. Meanwhile, the remaining member Yujin recently participated in the survival show Girls Planet 999 and debuted under another group called Kep1er. 

Talented and gorgeous, yet CLC couldn’t earn a stable standing in the Kpop world. 
Sorn already left the group and CUBE after a series of controversies. 
Yujin herself admitted that CLC was close to disbandment when she participated in Girls Planet 999. 
Her group Kep1ler is now competing in the Mnet music show Queendom 2. 


Unlike other groups that debuted in the same year, April already confirmed their disbandment back in January 2022. The group was accused of bullying their former member Hyunjoo, and so was heavily canceled by the public. Now, there are only Rachel and Naeun left in DSP Media

April officially disbanded back in January 2022. 

As contract expiration dates approach, fans of groups that debuted in 2015 remain nervus for the idol’s fate. So far, while some idols already resigned or left, some still had no news are are still considering. 

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